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The President’s Corner

My Candidacy Words to the Chapter by Link Frances Davis

Madam President and the members of the Tacoma Washington Chapter of the Links Incorporated. I Rise with extreme humbleness to stand before this body as a candidate for the presidency. The Legacies of the 22 chapter presidents that have held this seat over our illustrious 51 years are monumental. Each left an immeasurable Legacy of leading by example and conducting Chapter business in such a manner that the name of the Tacoma Washington Chapter is known throughout Linkdom ( Of course we are also known for of our living legacy and charter member; Link Mary J. Wilson).

Madam President Stephanie Wilmer McGriff has set the bar High.
I feel that it is important for you to know some of my primary goals. I respectfully seek your indulgence as I briefly share three of them with you.

1. Being in Linked in fellowship and service has always been important to me, the friendship of like-minded women coupled with the perpetual Links service footprint is what drew me to the organization. Focusing on service and relationship building is paramount.

2. Cultivating my friendship with every member to assist her on links path is important. I plan to invest in each Link sister and look forward to you investing in me. I want members to be able to serve in manners that align with their true passion; playing directly to strengths. Where they can aim for the moon without concern…..realizing that even if they fall short they will still be among the stars. This is a chapter rich with moon dwellers nestled in a galaxy.

3. In order for us to accomplish goals one and two together; we need to look at ways to lessen our operating labor. Time is so precious….no matter what stage of life we are in. We have all had moments and reflected upon a time when there was just not enough hours in the days. I think a major way to meet this goal is to lessen the burden on our financial officers and thought it would be appropriate for you to understand what my presidential focus would be.

Under my administration, I would like to carry us forward on the wonderful trajectory that we find ourselves on. If I am elected president it will be my goal desire and strong hope that the chapter would move away from cash and check transactions and embrace the current best practices for electronic technology.

The need is greatest during our Spring Fling. Cash and checks require a tremendous amount of work by the financial officers and corresponding secretary. The behind-the-scenes work is immeasurable. The embracing of vetted financial technology would streamline monetary activities and allow for immediate review of processes.

We must embrace current Financial best practices and move towards freeing ourselves up to stay focused and steadfastly committed to our friendship with one another and service to our community.

In closing my sisters I respectfully ask for your vote, trust and most importantly your support.