• Corporate Donations - Link Carolyn had a conversation with the public affairs department at State Farm regarding the status of the $5000 donation.  Please send her names of other corporate contacts you would like her to reach out to.  
  • Decorations -   Link Carolyn indicated they are still researching options at this time.
  • Entertainment - Link Fran reported G Man is revising his contract to provide us the AV services.  Follow up is needed to verify he has a strong comfort level in providing the audio/visual services.    
  • Facility - N/A
  • Food - Link Adrienne shared they have narrowed the food vendors to the top 2:  Carrs and Pacific Grill.  Based on overall pricing, Carr’s is recommended.  There are a few adjustments to the contract with Carrs that are needed and then it needs to be forwarded to the western area for review. 
  • Hostess - no report
  • Souvenir Journal - Link Helen shared they are extending the deadline to April 1st. All scholarship bios/photos have been received & sent to John. 
  • Publicity - no report
  • Raffle - Link Carolyn is approaching a jeweler to obtain stretch bracelets for a donation.  There are also five necklaces available for the auction.  
  • Raise the paddle - Link Fran will reach out to the former Mayor, Harold Moss to see if he would be willing to handle ‘Raise the paddle.’ 
  • Registration - no new information to report.
  • Scholarship - Link Kirsten reported they are verifying equipment needs (i.e. laptop); the laptop used will need to interface with the projector the vendor is providing.
  • Technology/Social Media - there will be an off line meeting between IT, publicity, and communications. 
  • Photo Booth - Link Fran will follow up with vendor.

  • Meeting concluded at 7:58p.m.

Next meeting Tuesday March, 21, 2017  7pm. 

Call in number 218-844-1930, access code 9841944.


Respectfully submitted,


Committee Co-Chairs, Links Fran and Adrienne