International Trends and Services

The International Trends and Services (ITS) facet provides humanitarian outreach related to education, healthcare, and basic human needs for people from developing nations who are of African descent. ITS provides advocacy on behalf of people from developing nations who are oppressed or victimized and promotes global awareness among youth that The Links mentor.


  • Celebrated three multicultural events (2012, 2014,2015) for the Tacoma community to provide exposure to African customs, culture, food, and arts.
    • Coordinated a Cultural Exchange Day: Held at Evergreen College (2012)
    • Celebration of International Cultural Event (2013)
    • Linked to Africa: A Cultural Event (2015)- Featured Congolese cooking, singing, panel talk, guest speakers and dancers
  • Led a social media campaign about the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and portions of the United States. Tacoma (WA) Chapter Links and PTCA students participated.
  • Educated students about the absence of clean, safe water and resultant health risks in undeveloped countries; the importance of healthy water and hydration; and of the process for sanitizing and providing healthy water to their homes.
  • Provided 30 H20 backpacks to our adopted Nigerian village, Amazu Ikpakwa, to whom we previously provided a water well. The backpacks will provide a sanitary means for transporting water from their source to their homes.
  • Provided monetary and tutoring support to our adopted Congolese family.
  • Members who are past educators taught history and social studies lessons to students at our adopted school in Tacoma and integrated International topics and concerns.
    • Hosted guest speakers’ presentations on Water Is Life and Effects of Carrying Heavy Objects on Heads
    • Held an Ebola Awareness – Penny Drive; taught lessons regarding Ebola to educate students about the virus, symptoms, and treatment
    • Developed curriculum and taught bi-weekly lessons to students on water related topics and about the geography, history, culture, and water conditions in parts of West Africa
  • Collaborated with community resources, a world traveled Link member’s spouse, and the University of Washington, Tacoma to implement the Links International Foreign Affairs and Business Empowerment for Youth (LIFE) program to expose students at PTCA to career possibilities of foreign service and business.
  • Participated in the National Links organization initiative Linking with Haiti – Women’s Survival Kits by preparing individual kits that contained supplies needed for personal hygiene and daily living in Haiti. Kits contained items such as: toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, washcloths, etc.
  • Participating in the Links Western Area Haiti Initiative called 2,000 Boots on the Ground. Each chapter member has committed to make yearly monitory contributions for years 2016 – 2021.
  • Providing contributions of school supplies, hygiene supplies, and laptop computers to Jamaica via The Links Foundation.
  • Recognized World Mental Health Day (Oct 10) and Mental Health week by supporting LightUpPurple (www.lightuppurple), an organization started in recognition of a 15-year-old Canadian girl named Amanda Todd who committed suicide due to social media bullying. Recognition of LightUpPurple has spread worldwide and the purpose is to bring attention to Mental Illness (Depression, in this case) and the consequences of bullying. In support we wore purple, green ribbons for Mental Health Awareness and held purple glow sticks for a chapter photograph.

For additional information on the National Links, Incorporated’s ITS programming:

These are upcoming Events we can add on the website calendar

March 8, 2017 – International Women’s Day – dine with women of a different culture
June 3, 2017 – National Association Mental Illness Walk.