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The Arts

The Links support of the arts can be traced to our cultured co-founder Margaret Rosell Hawkins. Her innate artistic talent, discovered at a young age, earned her a four-year scholarship to the Women’s School of Design, later known as the Moore Institute of Art. Her passion for creative expression later led to her appointment as an art teacher and helped give root to the establishment of The Arts facet in 1964 at the 14th National Assembly.

Links chapters partner with museums, symphonies, art councils, educational institutions and corporations to support art programs, especially where there is a focus on artists of color. Links are creating and supporting opportunities for educating minority youth in the arts and presenting and supporting performances by youth as well as accomplished professional artists in a diversity of disciplines.

The goal of The Arts Facet in the Tacoma (WA) Chapter is to produce and support programs to enrich the quality of life of our youth and communities through educational and engaging art experiences while Transforming Communities, Fulfilling Our Purpose. We continue to be a voice within our communities that advocates and support artists of color through increased engagement and expanded networks within the art community.

2020 – 2022 Facet Chair: LaTonja Hunter Co-Chair: Christina Abby


Power of Two

The Arts Facet of the Tacoma, Washington Chapter of The Links, Inc. continues to be active through local partnerships. We continue to create and support opportunities that amplifies, advocates and support children of color in the arts.

To expand opportunities to explore artistic abilities and inspire interest in the arts, The Arts Facet has partnered with the Power of Two, an organization that serves community members experiencing homelessness or living on low income. In 2021, The Arts Facet donated journals and art supplies as well as hosted a creative journaling workshop to foster creativity while educating youth on the power of journaling as a well-being strategy.


Symphony Tacoma

As a community partner with Symphony Tacoma for the last three years, the Arts Facet continues to support and sponsor “Peter and the Wolf” one of their mini maestro education programs. The Arts Facet also sponsors several programs for orchestra students in elementary and middle schools. These music programs provided professional musicians on a weekly basis to coach students who played string instruments.

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