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National Trends and Services

“Empowering People: Transforming Lives!”

The goal of the National Trends and Services facet is to increase the number of sustainable and measurable programs, increase collaborative partnerships, and extend our existing initiatives to include communities with the greatest need.

2020-2022 Facet Chair: Gina Hatcher



Martin Luther King, Jr Day of Service—January 2022

National Trends and Services in conjunction with Zeta Omega Omega Tacoma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. held a Coat and Winter Clothing drive for the Tacoma Rescue Mission. The drive collected over 130 items consisting mostly of new coats, boots, socks, sweaters, scarves, hats, jeans and sleepwear for children and adults.



Providing Support to the homeless in collaboration with Health & Human Services and The Arts Facets—November 2021

With November comes changes in weather and the beginning of the holiday season, support for the homeless brought a collaboration of efforts. For Thanksgiving, National Trends & Services (NTS) and Health & Human Services (HHS) purchased 150 meals to feed the homeless at Tacoma Rescue Mission (TRM). NTS also purchased 10 turkey dinners from Saars Food Savers Market to support the needy families in that community. NTS, HHS and The Arts facets all teamed up with The Power of Two to purchased over $500 for the dire need for diapers and socks.


Check for 150 meals for Thanksgiving at TRM                    Saars Food Market Donation- 10 turkey dinners to needy                                                                                                     families

Providing Support to the homeless at the Tacoma Rescue Mission—October 10, 2021

October 10, 2021 is World Homeless Day. According to The purpose of World Homeless Day is to draw attention to people who experience homelessness needs locally and provide opportunities for the community to get involved in responding to homelessness, while taking advantage of the stage an ‘international day’ provides. NTS committee created a laminated pocket-sized Resource Card to make available at shelters, food banks and churches that contained information on resources for food, shelter, clothing and healthcare. Additionally, the committee delivered bottles of laundry detergent to be added to hygiene kits.



Providing Support to the Military at JBLM—March 4, 2021

Purchasing lunches to support the soldiers operating and supporting the vaccine center at North Fort was something that was greatly needed and appreciated by the soldiers who were coordinating a massive effort in post-wide vaccinations.

Links Connie Lassiter, Dorris Okoro, Gina Hatcher and Sharon Freeman picking up the lunches to take to JBLM to feed soldiers helping at the Vaccine Center.

Links Sharon Freeman, Dorris Okoro, Connie Lassiter and Gina Hatcher delivering the lunches at American Lake Conference Center which was set up as the Vaccine Center.

Links Sharon Freeman, Gina Hatcher and Dorris Okoro with lunches in the break room at the center.


Inside Vaccine Center.

Support for the Homeless—March 4, 2021

NTS committee members Links Gina Hatcher, Sharon Freeman, Stephanie Tisby, Dorris Okoro, Connie Lassiter went to Bethlehem Baptist Church to donate bulk spices to their newly opened shelter. Their kitchen was in great need of spices and seasonings for their meal preparations in support of feeding homeless families. Garlic, Chili, Curry, Cumin, Pepper, Jamaican, to name a few adds a “spice of life” to the cuisine of the kitchen. Such is an important aspect to improving the quality of life in an area that many of us take for granted.

Link Pamela Hadley with a trunk full of bulk spices.






NTS members with the bulk spices donated to the shelter kitchen

Links Gina Hatcher, Dorris Okoro, Connie Lassiter, Stephanie Tisby, and Sharon Freeman (in front)

Partnership with Tacoma Rescue Mission

Homeless Initiative

National Service Day January 18, 2021

In response to Links President Kimberly Jeffreys call for a National Day of Service, several Tacoma (WA) chapter Links donated groceries, household items and money to the Tacoma Rescue Mission. Pictured below are Links Gina Hatcher and Stephanie Tisby and Chapter President Frances Davis (top two photos) and Links Alicia Stephens and Angela Walker (bottom left and right photos respectively)










Winter Clothing and Toy Drive November 7-21, 2020

National Trends and Services (NTS) made a quick assessment of the homeless in the community and formed a partnership with Tacoma Rescue Mission (TRM) to respond to their immediate needs for winter clothing and toys. NTS collaborated with the Zeta Omega Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to launch an urgent two-week drive in November. Participants dropped off their donations at the home of Link Gina Hatcher and due to the restrictions of Covid-19, several donations were delivered by mail. Cash donations were earmarked for children’s toys. In addition 9 large bags of food were donated. The collaboration between the two organizations worked extremely well, and in two weeks participants contributed to the success of the drive. The
surprising outcome resulted in donations of hundreds of items for adults and children that required the Tacoma Rescue Mission to make two trips in order to gather all the donations, which filled extra bins, a van, and a jeep.
Furthermore, the goals were exceeded because $856.00 of new clothes and coats for children were donated and cash donations of $1,175.00 were given for toys.

Check $1,175.00 presented by Chairs Gina Hatcher and Connie Lassiter to Senior Director of Community Engagement Amanda Paschall of Tacoma Rescue Mission


Upcoming Community Event

April 2020 TRAFFICKING EVENT HANDOUT (Cancelled due to Covid-19)


April 2019

  • Committee and chapter members attend training in Human Trafficking 101 for Community Leaders        sponsored by Washington Trafficking Prevention and Coalition Against Trafficking Pierce County (CAT-PC)
Human Trafficking 101 Training for Community Leaders

May 2019


Western Area Conference in Austin, TX June 2019

Human Trafficking Rally

Human Trafficking Workshop



Voter registration and education remain a catalyst for change, promoting individual and community empowerment.

Legislative Issues & Voter Education
June 2018 – Organized and led voter registration event at Allen AME Church. We collaborated with representatives from Allen AME Church, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., the Masons, and the Black Panther Party.

May 2018 – Started tracking Starbuck’s efforts to address bias practices exhibited by its workforce through a half-day training session. We compiled the following links: